The CSR Times ( is the platform on CSR development and connect corporate CSR, foundations and development NGO/ agencies together. This platform aims to promote, strengthen strategic CSR initiatives, network like-minded partners, connect partner and development agencies together making CSR impactful.  This platform would be purposeful for learning, sharing, and showcase of good work and evidence-based work done in area of sustainable development through CSR initiatives. The CSR times would aggregate news from different sources on the topic. The partner NGOs also can connect with CSR network and publish news, blog and journal in the CSR times. The Companies and CSR would be able to do press release through the CSR times.

The CSR times endeavors to network with NGOs, create the database with areas of operation and presence in different geographies and to match and help them network through companies and this platform. The reporter and journalist working with the CSR times would ensure state wide coverage and empanelment pan India. The CSR times also provide consultancy support to organizations in showcasing work through impactful video, documentation, brochure, News coverage, Blog writing and writing article, publishing journal reviews.  The CSR times would cover impactful projects story done by Corporate, NGO, Foundation and agencies, ground coverage and reporting on the same. Journalist and reporters will be deployed for specific assignments.

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