About Us

The CSR Times (thecsrtimes.com) is the platform on CSR development and connect corporate CSR, foundations and development NGO/ agencies together. This platform aims to promote, strengthen strategic CSR initiatives, network like-minded partners, connect partner and development agencies together making CSR impactful.  This platform would be purposeful for learning, sharing, and showcase of good work and evidence-based work done in area of sustainable development through CSR initiatives.  The partner NGOs also connect with CSR network and publish news, blog and journal in the CSR times. The Companies and CSR would be able to do press release through the CSR times.

The CSR times endeavors to network with NGOs, create the database with areas of operation and presence in different geographies and to match and help them network through companies and this platform. The reporter and journalist working with the CSR times would ensure state wide coverage and empanelment pan India. The CSR times also provide consultancy support to organizations in showcasing work through impactful video, documentation, brochure, News coverage, Blog writing and writing article, publishing journal reviews.  The CSR times would cover impactful projects story done by Corporate, NGO, Foundation and agencies, ground coverage and reporting on the same. Journalist and reporters will be deployed for specific assignments.

Services Provided by The CSR Times :

We do provide a Variety of  Services for you. To ensure successful delivery of the same, we offer you great services that give you the reason to choose us.

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Advisory and Editorial Board Members

Dr. Jaswant Yadav
Development communication expert.
40 years of experience in designing IEC strategy, preparing media action plan, developing and designing prototype of media materials for media campaigns
Dr. Parankimamvilayil Sony
MBBS Doctor and skilled clinical researcher
Dr. Sony is an experienced Doctor with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. Skilled in Clinical Research, Medical Education.
Dr. Abhay Saraf
Medical doctor and public health expert
29 years demonstrable field experience of public health program management, technical assistance and advocacy in India with Government in leadership positions.
Rukaiya Joshi
Chairperson and professor at SPJIMR

Rukaiya Joshi is an experienced professional with more than 30 years of experience in Management & Teaching in India's premium institute SP Jain Institute of Management & Research Mumbai. 

Abhijeet P Sinha
Publich health and development expert

Abhijeet is a result oriented professional with more than 16 years of experience in leading large scale program in India, South Africa and UK

Bhawana Munet
Content editor
Bhawana is a content writer and social media strategist with an extensive work experience in various industries as an associate and researcher
Ayush Varma
IT advisor
Proficient in IT development. Worked internationally, in-house and remotely on projects for leading brands, agencies, startups and charities.
Sagar Doshi
Web Developer

Sagar is an experienced professional in creating diverse and attention catching web and digital presence for a variety of clients on a wide range of platforms

Associate Team Members ->

Abhishek Lakade

Vedant AgarwalShivam Goyal

Niraj Kumar

Shubhi MehtaFoziya Yusuf