Information: India’s policemen work extra time, however most do not receives a commission additional

An awesome majority of police personnel in India, throughout gender, rank and contingent, work greater than 14 hours a day, however do not receives a commission additional, in keeping with a latest report by the Centre for the Examine of Growing Societies.

The “Standing of Policing in India Report 2019” relies on a pattern survey of 11,834 police personnel throughout 105 places in 21 States. The survey was carried out between February and April 2019.

Over half the policemen surveyed reported that they didn’t get a weekly off day.

‘Imply’ hours

Common variety of hours labored by police personnel in a day was 14, the survey reported. Solely 13% personnel reported common working hours as eight. 24% of them work greater than 16 hours a day.


Odisha police work 18 hours a day on common, the best amongst States. Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand personnel clocked 11 hours, the least amongst huge States.


Extra hours, identical pay

4 of each 5 police personnel reported that they don’t receives a commission for the extra time work.

The quantity is barely marginally higher for armed police, with about eight% if them reporting that they receives a commission for his or her extra time work as in comparison with four% of the civil police.

Do you receives a commission for extra time work?

TypeNo (%)Sure (%)General805Civil police834Armed police698


Odd hours

Almost one in two police personnel keep again many instances after obligation hours in every week. Solely eight% stated they by no means keep again. Just one-fourth of the surveyed policemen stated they get a single off day every week.


However largely happy

A bit of greater than half of the police personnel surveyed reported that their wage is at par with the type of work they do.

Three out of 4 personnel reported that their work is evaluated in a impartial approach. 70% of the personnel in Haryana agreed that their pay is on par — In truth, they’ve the best amongst States. 25% in Chhattisgarh stated the identical — the least amongst States.

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