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Mindler is hosting the next cohort of International Career Coaching Foundation course in Mumbai on 7 – 8 Sept’19


Mumbai:The CSR Times:Press Release

Every year, over 30 million students write the board exams in India and find themselves at one of the most critical junctures in their career formation journey. Of these students, a whopping 93% are aware of just 7 career options, even though more than 250 career options across 40 domains offer 5,000 different kinds of job in our country. This situation, coupled with the usual pressures of competition and the emergence of new-age career options is making career choices even more complex and challenging for students and parents.

As a result, most students in India are bound to make less-informed career choices choosing from a very limited set of “mainstream” career options only. Consequently, there is a great imbalance in the demand and supply of skilled professionals across job roles both in industry and academia.

To address this problem, Mindler was formed in 2016 by a young ISB graduate, Prateek Bhargava. Mindler is a Career Guidance venture that aims to help students find their perfect career through psychometric testing and counseling.

The Mindler team is also working to address the huge gap of credible Career Counseling Professionals in the country. At present, India needs 14 lakh career counselors for its 350 million student population. To cater to this team, Mindler has launched a Career Coaching Certification program, ICCC (International Certified Career Coach).

ICCC is a 3-level certification program aimed at helping individuals to kick-start or advance their career in Career Counselling. The Level 1 of the program is a 2-day in-person workshop in which participants are selected through an application screening process based on their background and motivation levels. Level 1 of the program is FREE of cost. The next 2 levels are delivered online and leads to certification from CDA (USA) and NCDA (USA), a division of the American Counselling Association.

The program has seen participation from Principals, Teachers, practicing Career Counselors, University Professors, HR professionals, soft-skills trainers, and even engineers and homemakers.

Mindler is hosting the next cohort of ICCC Foundation Level 1 in Mumbai on 7 – 8 Sept’19 at Novotel Juhu Beach. Any one can apply for the program at www.mindler.com/iccc

Contact at +91 87449 87449 or email at subham@mindler.com for any program related queries.

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