CSR and the Objective of Zero Hunger

“A charming morning, a beautiful sun, birds chirping their sweetest melodies and roads all dumb and clear.”

In between this dumb silence of a beautiful morning, there came a noise of a child weeping; breaking the monotony. This child is sitting on the footpath, bare and hardly clothed. His eyes starving for mercy, mouth starving for food and heart starving for affection

Ironically, the bitter truth is that you’ll find such children in the heart of every street, in the solitude of nights and in the chaos of days – still hungry and starving.

This monster is not just haunting the children but also the adults. Poor people work day and night, selling articles, building mansions for the rich, wearing worn-out clothes, sweating all day and still can’t afford two meals for themselves. Where on the other hand, the so-called wealthy people eat fancy meals and throw the leftover callously in the bins. Truth is often bitter to face.

But the good part is that we humans still have humanity left within our hearts and so is the case with the United Nations. ‘Zero hunger’ is one such programme which was initiated in 2015 by the global community. According to which, 17 goals were adopted for sustainable development (SDG) out of which the second goal was ‘Zero hunger’.

Zero hunger pledges to end hunger, achieve food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable development, all by 2030.

The efforts are being put into this programme by various bodies including the government, the non-governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and the corporate sectors. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one such medicine that aims to cure the ailment of hunger and starvation out of the periphery of the world. It persuades to support the actions that appear to further some social good, beyond the interests of the firm and that which is required by the law.  India ranks at 63rd position in Global Hunger Index which means that more than one-fourth of the Indian population sleeps hungry. This is a great cause to worry and thus this issue has dragged the attention of many

Here are some of the instances that replicate the efforts put by some of the leading firms in the support and further encouragement of the zero hunger programme :

  • Kellogg

Kellogg’s is a well-known food brand which is popular in the world for its cereals. It has a global signature cause – “Breakfasts for the better days”. The company is accomplishing this goal by volunteering at local food banks, working with non-profit organizations to help more people in need to have access to breakfast, supporting programmes for small business holders and women farmers to help them increase yield and income.

  • Cisco Systems

For the past 15 years, Cisco has helped raise more than $40 million and deliver nearly 160 million meals as a part of its global hunger relief campaigns.

  • Walmart

In October 2014, Walmart announced a commitment to creating a more sustainable food system, with a focus on improving the affordability of food by lowering the ‘true cost’ of food for both customers and the environment, increasing access to food, making healthier eating easier and improving the safety and transparency of food chain. The commitment includes providing 4 billion meals to those struggling with hunger by 2020.

  • Nestle

Nestle partners with Save Food, a group that works closely with Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). Their goal includes responsible sourcing and consumer education as well as work with the World Resources Institute to develop a global standard to measure and evaluate food loss and waste in the food supply chain.

  • Tableau Software

Tableau software has donated $1.9 million in the kind grant to feeding the hungry.

Except for these global examples many initiatives have been taken up by the government like Mid-day Meal, Integrated child development scheme, the Fight Hunger First Initiative Program etc to eradicate hunger. There are many organizations like Organization who operates through mobile applications and have their own website too and partners with various other bodies and restaurants to distribute food to the poor.

Above all extracts is a reliable indicator to the fact that major firms in the corporate world are all heading high with the spirit of overcoming and gaining victory in the war of hunger and starvation from our beguilingly bountiful world.

If we individuals also open our eyes and work wholeheartedly in the same direction, the day is no far when each and every human being in our world would sleep with their stomachs full.

The day is no far when our mother globe would again be able to nurture all her children with love, resources, and power.

By Bhawana Munet and Shubhi Mehta @The CSR Times

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